About Us

About Us

( a short story about the farm )
About the Homestead

An Unique Accommodation: A Sky-Light Glass House and only YOU stay.

We purchased this desolate barren land in the year 2011. We started to develop from the year 2015 and, as we could not settle here due to personal reasons, we now offer to you.

  • We have created an accommodation for four in the ground floor and in the first floor. The ground floor is having a verandah, kitchen, bathroom and, living space with sofa & dining.
  • The first floor is a sky-light glass house and has again four beds accommodation. The first floor has a kitchen, toilet, small balcony and terrace with a swing.
  • We have a small play court created and is used as multi-purpose like drying grains.

  • We dug an open-well (25 feet wide & 60 feet deep) that supplies us clean potable water and, this water sustains us all year round for irrigation too.

  • A cowshed that can house up to six cows.
About the Forest

We just love creating forests

  • At first, we created an herbal/medicinal forest of 1200 sq-meters using Akira Miyawaki methodology.
  • The second is a fruit forest, and the third is a timber forest.
  • The three forest patches are now well developed and, thriving with thousands of trees.
  • The fourth patch with more than 400 trees are completed with sowing and the last patch will be developed in year 2024.

Over 3 acres

Converted to Forest

1000’s of

Trees Planted with 100+ Varieties

We do not interfere much with birds, insects or, any who have taken up residence in farm. Hence, at times we need to be extra vigilant, else we may not get the fruits, cheers!

frequently asked questions

Common questions or information about our service’s on accommodation, bookings, payments, cancellations & refunds.

Can I book more than four adults?2023-08-25T13:25:20+05:30
  • The farm has total eight bedded accommodation, four in the ground floor and four in the first floor (sky-light glass house).
  • The first floor is used as leisure and as bedroom, hence we provided four mat/light beds at first floor.
  • Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on property terms and conditions.
Can I make a booking over the phone?2023-06-27T10:21:43+05:30

Yes, simply give us a call on +91-9035665450 or +91-9945471271 (Monday to Sunday from 09:00 am till 07:00 pm).

Do I need to show any documents to check-in?2023-08-25T13:22:22+05:30

It is mandatory to show your government approved valid ID proof while check-in. The valid IDs accepted are Driving License, Voters ID, Passport or even ration card. Please note: Pan Cards are not accepted as valid ID proof. For foreign nationals, your passport will be accepted as valid ID proof.

Farm Homestay Damage / Liability2023-12-04T16:04:31+05:30
  • Guests shall be liable for any damage, except normal wear and tear of the asset.
  • Guest’s shall keep the rooms in a good condition, maintain hygiene & cleanliness and, respect the environment.
  • Guest has to pay the cost of the damage done to the property immediately.
  • Guest will be asked to vacate immediately WITHOUT REFUND if is abusive and violent towards the staff or other guests.
How do I know if my booking was successful?2023-06-27T11:03:44+05:30

We will send you an email confirmation once the payment process completed. Please call us at +91-9035665450 or +91-9945471271 (Monday to Sunday from 09:00 am till 07:00 pm) or drop us an email on contact@maha-anandoforestfarm.com for any issues.

How many can the farm accommodate?2023-08-25T13:23:30+05:30

Total eight, the ground floor is with four beds (a queen bed & a bunker with two beds). The first floor is with four movable cushion mats. The first floor space is left intentionally to use as per the need (day/night).

How safe is the accommodation.2023-12-04T16:08:09+05:30

We have secured the accommodation completely. You need not worry, rest assured you will have a nice deep sleep. However you need be careful when going out into the woods and, especially during the night time. We advise you to carry a torch.

I need wheelchair friendly, etc)?2023-08-01T11:45:24+05:30

No, the accommodation is not wheelchair friendly. Kindly call us at +91-9035665450 or +91-9945471271 (Monday to Sunday from 09:00 am till 07:00 pm) with your request to see if we can get your requirements done.

I want to give a feedback.2023-08-25T13:22:09+05:30

We will be more than happy to get your feedback on your stay. Kindly email us on contact@maha-anandoforestfarm.com to share your valuable feedback with us.

In case I face a problem during my stay or while making the booking, what should I do?2023-06-27T10:11:55+05:30

Please call us at +91-9035665450 or +91-9945471271 (Monday to Sunday from 09:00 am till 07:00 pm) or drop us an email on contact@maha-anandoforestfarm.com

Is alcohol served.2023-12-04T16:03:18+05:30
  • No, we do not serve alcohol and, we do not have the license to sell.
  • A strict NO to any kind of illegal activities in the farm.
Not Allowed Strictly2023-12-04T16:03:35+05:30

Request the guests to strictly follow these few to make your stay easy and confortable

  • Loud Music / Noise not allowed due to nature sensitive zone and police restrictions.
  • No illegal activities allowed in the homestay.
About our Farming

Natural farming principles

The whole farm is developed using farm/cow manure and, cocopeat; we never use chemical farming.

  • We developed a manure system connecting cowshed and, this system supply manure to each farm patches for agriculture and forestry work.
  • We collect and channel rainwater to an harvesting pond created adjacent to the well and this pond helps replenish the well.
  • We use flood irrigation for cultivations and drip irrigation for all other forestry work.
About Us

we are weekend farmers

We both are working professionals and during the weekends we have developed this farm a bit by bit.

Our farming methods are the practices we got inspired by some of the great souls like Nammazhvar G, Subhash Palekar, Masanobu Fukuoka, Akira Miyawaki and, Bill Mollison.

  • It took us several years of dedicated work to bring this farm to life.
  • We are staunch followers of Natural Farming/Permaculture principles and considerable effort is still ongoing to develop the farm in a sustainable manner.
  • We both continue as weekend farmers & passionate to bring few 1000 more trees to the farm.

Maheswaran, Ethiraj

From Bangalore, India; graduate in Mechanical Engineering (UVCE, Bangalore); An aerospace professional (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore & Bombardier India (Canadian business jet manufacturer). Took break from professional life (year 2022); now in addition to farming, joined a business with other common friend in printers’ sales & service.

Anand, Chandran

From Bangalore, India; graduate in Mechanical Engineering (UVCE, Bangalore); An aerospace professional (Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore); switched to IT professional (IBM Bangalore/TCS Bangalore); Took break from professional life (year 2021); now in addition to farming, earn my salary as a stock market 'derivatives' trader.

Anbalagan P & his wife Maadhu A.

They are our core strength and, we could not have achieved this much without their support. We are happy to have them for their dedication and relentless support in maintaining the farm.

Maadhu & Anbalagan

Both from farming since their forefathers.

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