( we will be happy & delighted to host you at the forest! )


The entire farm, Is offered on long term rental to a family or to a group by your choice; hence you’ll have the accommodation to only you!

Whole World Out There

A remote farm; undisturbed, unconcerned; no one else will step in your precious space.

Live-in Nature

Farmhouse is in the middle of the forest we created; your stay is very close to nature.


We are flexible, The farm is fully furnished with a geyser, fridge & we will upgrade with any items/ furnishing’s as and when the need arises!

Backyard Experience

There are always some cultivation ongoing, hence an opportunity to soil your hands.

A Calm Eveing

Evenings are always a delight to stay and to sip a coffee or to have a  candle light dinner.

Home for

Two FLOORS, The farmhouse has two independent four beds bedroom , kitchen, bathroom, an enclosed living space with scenic views, sit-outs and terrace!

Beautiful Mountains

The hill is just behind the farm; you can trek or walk the road uphill for scenic views.

Ride to Town

You can bike to the villages, and shops nearby that holds beautiful views and its culture.


Live-in NATURE

(Booking is closed for now)
Choose your stay

FOR RENTAL – enjoy a longer stay.
FOR SHORT STAY (max eight persons).
We will serve you with simple home made delicious south Indian food and, as well get you the vegetables and fruits of your choice.

Just let us know your specific needs.
The nearby town is close by four kms and here we get cooking provisions.

Anyways, ask us and we are always there to learn and prepare any specific dishes of your choice.
We will take care of complete housekeeping, including laundry, etc.

At the farm, a permanent caretaker  is there to support you on all day-to-day requirements.
The complete farm is offered as rental and hence you’ll have the accommodation on the farm to only yourself.

(BOOKING IS CLOSED FOR NOW)Please use the booking form or contact / message us to know the Rental cost per month.
  • Herbs: There are many herbs, medicinal plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, including some are known local consumption. However, we caution if not taken rightly, there is a possibility of getting poisoned.

  • Liability: Guests shall be liable for any damage, except normal wear and tear of the asset. Guest’s shall keep the rooms in a good condition, maintain hygiene & cleanliness and, respect the environment.

  • Caution: As the farm is surrounded by trees/ forests, please be careful while stepping out into the woods. Exercise more caution during the night times and, please carry a torch along with you.

an accommodation - that is fully yours to accommodation - that is right into the medicinal accommodation - that is with only nature all accommodation - that is fully accommodation - that is enchanting to live.